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by Tom Harter

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Welcome to the magical place Come to my arms and let us embrace Here’s a little song to put a spark in your wheels I wish you would tell me just how it feels And I hope that you’re always happy And never afraid And I hope you dream of the purple platypus parade The world is love and love is free So I’ll let it all go and shine on as me You took the short way home Can you see what you’ve made Cuz you’ve left me here at the purple platypus parade…
In the downtown coffee shop The young intelligentsia wannabes Discuss how to recognize the end of history They say it’s hard to see The meteor as it falls But it didn’t seem that hard to me Cuz I saw you fall In slow-motion replay And I saw you fall Down all the way Yes I saw you fall… In slow-motion replay The smoke around me Flavors my second drink While patrons half my age swill coffee to help them think While I think of you Through this haze of memory And I wish that you were here sitting right next to me ch Nothing is something I know that this much is true They buried you deep and now there’s nothing left of you But I wanna believe In that magic of your soul That will walk here beside me till my own bell tolls ch
Spin 03:29
We waste our time Time that isn’t ours to give We waste our time Learning just how not to live And we’re scared of what to do And we’re scared of what to say But like a roulette wheel Like the tumblers in a slot machine Like the wheels on a Lamborghini going ninety down the road This is your time This is your time This is your one and only time… To spin I knew a man He was my friend I knew a man Who caused his own untimely end And I don’t know what to do And I don’t know what to say ch And the world spins around And the world spins around Even though you’re gone The world keeps spinning around ch Just spin… oh yeah… So spin Spin
Medicated 05:37
You gave yourself away Bled until today When I could cry Do what you must, follow your heart But I’m torn apart Nothing’s the same I don’t know how you died Just know I cried When I heard your name Did the mirror watch you bleed? Do you concede That it was wrong? And what I want is just to know Before you go Answer me this Did you try to call? Did you try at all? And did you think of me Before you ran away? ‘Cuz now I wish I was medicated Gently sedated so I could breathe...
I remember every hair on your body Like it was yesterday I wish that I was somebody Whom you saw a different way I will penetrate the darkness With vision and light And even if you vanish I will hold you close tonight It’s not obsession It’s not obsession at all It’s photographic memories It’s photographic memories of you I touched someone yesterday And their skin felt just like yours Just another body Washed upon my shores I felt the night inside me Rise like a dragon’s flame You will remember me forever And that I won this final game ch You may paint your wicked pictures You may think that you're wise You may write your own history But the truth outshines the lies Don’t forget that I’ve touched Something that you never knew And it’s not obsession…
Fragile 03:54
I had a dream That I held you in my arms And I swear You were made of feathers I couldn’t hold you tight For fear that you would just blow away But that moment It was a million forevers ‘Cause you’re fragile I wanna love you tonight You’re so fragile Your bones are made of light Oh you’re fragile Just a breeze and you’re gone Oh you’re so fragile You’re the words within my song I wanna be A twenty-first century man Who can see the future in your eyes And I think you will Love a twenty-first century man Just to shed every tear that he cries ch Oh you’re fragile Like a friend flying free Oh you’re so fragile You’re every star I see You’re fragile A vision made of light Oh you’re so fragile So please… Love me tonight
Silent Now 04:38
I have stared at the sun, walked in the rain But it’s silent now I drank fruit of the vine, I was feeling so fine But it’s silent now And I want you to love like there’s no tomorrow And I want you touch… Touch the one’s you love, touch them with a wild abandon And I want you to give as if you want for nothing And I want you to live Each and every moment… Each and every moment for you I laughed in the night, then I cried in the light But it’s silent now I have given my heart, felt it torn apart But it’s silent now You, you can feel what you feel I know it’s all too real But it’s silent now You, you can wish me goodbye No, no don’t cry ‘Cause it’s silent now….
It’s not the ones you love that make you fly It’s not the ones that hurt you that you make cry It’s not the facts or the truth that you make a lie It’s not the war of words that took you to the sky So sail on… alone Red-winged blackbird You listen to the questions when answers are everywhere You listen to the fears when everything is hope You listen to the nightmares which are really only dreams You listen to the silence when all we hear are screams ch It’s all in the beat now Pounding on the ground It’s all in the beat now Digging through the lost and found It’s all in the beat now Two sticks upon the drum It’s all in the beat now Hear the mourning of the one… Red-winged blackbird Oh… sail on...
Every Love 05:44
It was another Saturday night So I packed up my car I carried myself with authority As I stumbled with my guitar I made my way to Shakespeare With red wine painted so white Where we danced in the rainbow And a ghost flickered the light Where I met a woman named Katherine Who smiled as she named herself free Just a word made made her freedom And took her so far from me Oh a woman is fluid temptation A drink of sublime light So I stumbled again with this guitar Out alone into the night But every love has a time and place Every heart has a road to face Every world has a sun to chase Every fear is a moment of grace Every touch is tangled in lace Every breath has a measured pace Every bet needs a joker and an ace Every guitar needs a beat up case Because Every love Every love Every love has a time and place
Eyes of Blue 03:39
I still think of you Even though children have been born With eyes of blue And it’s alright I’m getting used to you being gone Oh and it’s alright It doesn’t feel like anything is wrong But I still think of you Even though lovers have been torn And left in two Oh I still think of you Even though children have been born With eyes of blue And it’s alright I don’t always think your name Oh it’s alright It feels like things are just the same Oh, I still think of you Even though lovers have been torn And left in two Oh, I still think of you Even though children have been born With eyes of blue


A 60's inspired rock album for a fallen friend and for all whose lives have been touched by suicide.


released September 29, 2018

Tom Harter: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, & Drum Programming
David Norfleet: Keyboards and Drums on "Purple Platypus Parade" and "Slow-Motion Replay"
Megan Thomas: Drums on "Medicated" & "Silent Now"
Sara Zacek: Vocals on "Fragile" and "Every Love"
Galynne Goodwill: Vocals on "Every Love"
Mark Riggenbach: Vocals and Percussion on "Every Love"

Recorded at: Waiting for Guitar Studios

Megan Thomas Drum Session: Recorded at FoldBack Recording - Chicago
Megan's Drum Session Engineered by: Chris LaFrombois

Mixing Engineers: Tom Harter & Chris LaFrombois

Final Mix and Master: Tom Harter at Waiting for Guitar Studios

Dedication: For Paul. Sail on...

David Norfleet: For being Beatle-esque, sharing his gigantic talents, and being an early believer in this project.
Chris LaFrombois: For his patience and persistence. Even when this project was on the shelf, I knew our work was still waiting.
Megan Thomas: Who came in for one day and nailed a couple songs. I'm happy to finally share them.
Sara Zacek: For being my long-time musical partner and for sharing her glorious voice.
Galynne Goodwill and Mark (on Drums) Riggenbach: For sharing your fabulous voices and talent. Every love has its time and place. So glad you found yours together.
Friends: Zane, Craig, Deanna, Tyler, Adam, Steve, Jason, Bob, and Chris Royce.
Stieg Larsson: Thanks for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the inspiration for "Photographic Memories."

This project has been on and off so many times, I cannot remember everyone else I should thank. So thanks to you all!

Special Thanks (as always): Patricia

To anyone who may need it: You are not alone, and there is help available. Do not be afraid to contact suicide prevention and personal help resources in your local communities or online.


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Tom Harter Green Bay, Wisconsin

Guitarist, singer, songwriter.

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